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Picking out bits of hot sausage? No way, yelled at.tigrrbaby 5 points submitted 3 days agoIf you haven already encountered it, you should check out the book Pain, the gift nobody wants, [Redirect Only] by Paul Brand.It is his autobiography: he is a neurosurgeon and he worked with lepers in India, and later studied diabetic neuropathy. The book is full of anecdotes like yours, explaining why lepers lose body parts (they don fall off, they get damaged and the leper does not feel it), talking about how he learned to be good at neurosurgery and so on. The guy had a very interesting life and it one of my top recommended books..

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Capra, Ashia SyMon Carroll, Bria N. Chatman, Raquel Chavez, Michael J. Ciamarra, Kimberly Nakiya Clark, Alexandria N. Seated in front of 13 cutout silhouettes of women and children 12 for the aforementioned; one for the unknown sufferer are more than a hundred women decked out in every conceivable fashion, from evening dresses and suits to heavy metal T shirts. There are office girls with big streaky hair and fake nails, single moms in sweatsuits accompanied by their rambunctious offspring, adolescent girls in hip hop gear, and elderly women sporting madras and polyester. With the exception of the children, those gathered are silent and serious, moving only to drink from travel mugs and Gatorade bottles stashed beneath their seats and smiling only when keynote speaker Sheila Wellstone walks to the podium..

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